SuperCuts Beautiful Lengths Hair Facts

Below is an infographic full of hair facts regarding the Beautiful Lengths program under the American Cancer Society! Take a look and see how your hair can make a difference!

Supercuts Beautiful Lengths Interview

Below is a video script of an interview held with a 7-year-old cancer victim and the first time she receives her wig from the Beautiful Lengths program. Check it out, your hair can make the difference! Beautiful Lengths Video Script


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Ottolenghi Media in Palm Beach Gardens creates and executes customized media for businesses, life sciences firms and professionals in Palm Beach County and the Research Triange Park. The firm uses online and traditional marketing, public relations, and advertising campaigns to increase revenue and reduce costs.

The firm specializes in social commerce, which takes the most popular online media to a new level that generates revenue and builds client loyalty. The company also produces content for the Web, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to attract customers.

Every visual and written element is matched to client needs for the highest return on investment. Each medium is regularly evaluated and its use adjusted based on goals and performance.

We also produce an educational blog, PR-Prof, which explains issues in public relations to businesses and professionals.