• Do promoted Tweets produce more revenue for advertisers?

    Twitter works faster and better than any news service. Word gets out and is passed along to millions of people while a reporter is still collecting information. Twitter does much less well at delivering ads because that real-time strength pushes paid messages off screens at a rapid rate. To address that weakness and move closer […]

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    Can Yelp do more for your business than Groupon or LivingSocial?

    Of all the online coupon websites, Yelp is making the best use of social media to generate revenue for its listed businesses and for itself. That’s important to know when your business is solicited to offer a one-day deal by one of the growing number of social commerce websites. Groupon and LivingSocial have created niches […]

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    Younger audiences open to social commerce

    f you’re offering goods and services to younger people, social commerce is important to your business. JWT, a marketing communications firm says that “there’s tremendous potential here for brands to create more personal, accessible experiences and to amplify word of mouth, especially when it comes to targeting Millennials.” The firm has issued a report on […]

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    Think Facebook is just for friends?

    usinesses and professionals often dismiss Facebook as a place to stay current with friends and family, not to gain business. That overlooks a great opportunity to use Facebook to drive traffic to their websites. Starcom MediaVest Group and Rubinson Partners, two leading marketing companies, report that Facebook now accounts for 4 in every 10 referrals […]


Businesses, life sciences firms and professionals in northern Palm Beach County and the Research Triangle Park need sophisticated services to reach prospective customers and to keep in touch with current clients. Get connected on the Web, in print and on the air.

Most important, use media to add revenue, build financial support and reduce costs. A properly planned and executed media strategy will have a high return on investment of time and money.

The newest tool: Social Commerce. It moves individuals and businesses from being fans to being customers who make repeat purchases and act as online ambassadors for you.

Advantages of Online Media

Changing media landscape

The media landscape is changing rapidly, with a shift in attention from traditional forms such as newspapers, magazines and TV to online media. Today, news travels faster on Twitter and Facebook than on TV or radio. Readers choose the website of a publication over its printed form.   In this environment, it’s essential that a […]

Technology drives communication

The game has changed. Prospective customers and clients can be found in many places on the Web: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. Companies and professional firms that make good use of those media can gain an advantage over the competitors by being first, reaching more people, and building relationships faster. For more information, […]


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About Us

Ottolenghi Media in Palm Beach Gardens creates and executes customized media for businesses, life sciences firms and professionals in Palm Beach County and the Research Triange Park. The firm uses online and traditional marketing, public relations, and advertising campaigns to increase revenue and reduce costs.

The firm specializes in social commerce, which takes the most popular online media to a new level that generates revenue and builds client loyalty. The company also produces content for the Web, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to attract customers.

Every visual and written element is matched to client needs for the highest return on investment. Each medium is regularly evaluated and its use adjusted based on goals and performance.

We also produce an educational blog, PR-Prof, which explains issues in public relations to businesses and professionals.