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Mass communication is undergoing rapid change. Technological advances are uprooting established media and creating new ways of connecting. Businesses and professions that transition from old to new will prosper now and in coming years.

The changes are hurting enterprises that rely on traditional approaches to public relations, marketing and advertising. The chaos is creating opportunities for companies and professional firms that embrace technologies that focus and increase contact with current and prospective clients. Those same enterprises can gain an advantage over competitors that are unwilling or uninterested in new approaches.

Is your business or profession vulnerable to these changes? Is it ready to take advantage of these opportunities?

Ask yourself which of these statements are true for you:


  • My company or firm has more difficulty getting public attention, especially from the news media.
  • My advertising no longer produces the same results.
  • My competitors are becoming better known than I from their online presence.
  • Almost no one at my company knows how or when to make use of social media.
  • I am on LinkedIn, but it hasn’t helped me generate new clients or customers.
  • We haven’t updated our website in more than a year.
  • We’re spending money to be online but are not seeing a return on our investment.


If any of these statements resonate with you or your business, you’re wasting time and money. It’s time to change the way you think — and act — with your public relations, marketing and advertising. You’re missing opportunities to reduce expenses and raise revenue.





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