Leading commercial real estate brokerage based in Palm Beach County. The firm provides services to tenants, landlords, property owners and investors. The full-service firm handles leases and sales of office, retail and industrial properties, and land.



New Orleans-focused online bookstore where Southern literature and Christian faith intersect. All of the authors and books featured here have a connection to New Orleans, the American South or Judeo-Christian faith issues and spirituality.

While the store welcomes authors and visitors of all faiths and myriad points of view, Desire Street Books & Press is rooted in Judeo-Christian thought and principles. The business  is also an outreach for the love and message of Jesus Christ.

At the same time, Desire Street Books & Press is more than a bookseller and publisher; it’s a meeting place for the New Orleans community – from the Irish Bayou to Lake Pontchartrain — and for the millions around the world who love this one-of-a-kind city. We publish Crescent City literary news, the best in local dining, music, and classic guest houses and hotels.

This is also a home for all people who have a passion for the American South, its people, culture and history. We welcome authors, publishers, literary critics and anyone who simply loves the rugged, violent, beautiful, flawed, hot, green, stubborn, independent land known as the American Southern — from Memphis down to Mobile, Miami to Nashville and over to El Paso, and Richmond all the way down to New Orleans.



Developer and retailer of e-book on online marketing and advertising regulations. The company, whose principals include attorneys, produced a guide for marketers of products and services, online reviews and other marketing and communications rules that the Federal Trade Commission wrote and enforce. A second edition is in development.



National manufacturer and seller of “modz” — modified game controllers for video games. The Miami-based company is known for its innovative designs that improve the performance and appearance of controllers for the most popular video game consoles.



National consultant to nutraceutical manufacters and retailers. The Florida firm provides advisory services relating to marketing, advertising, public relations, good manufacturing practices, product descriptions, product labeling, and FDA regulation of nutritional supplements .



Multimedia gift for high school and college graduates that provides valuable lessons on managing income, spending and work life. Package consists of full-color graduation card, audio CD and book.



Hugo H. Ottolenghi is an adjunct professor at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Florida International University in Miami and in the English and Communications Department of Indian River State College in Fort Pierce, Florida.

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