Your website should be a source of new customers and clients, not a drain on  your resources. Businesses spend thousands of dollars setting up a website and never receive one dollar in revenue. Too often, websites go out out of date  because businesses and professionals don’t market new services and products or announce themselves to new markets.

As a result, many websites end up costing more each month than they bring in. Would you keep an asset or store that always ran a loss? Then why take that approach with your website?

We develop for websites f0r businesses and professionals that are designed to generate revenue. The designs are eye-catching and easy to navigate. The information is clearly written and presented. Potential new customers and clients can easily request order goods and services or request to be contacted.



We manage the process from design to construction to content. We supervise and test updates and upgrades. We use leading-edge, low-cost Web software such as WordPress and Joomla for impressive, professional-looking results.

Websites are essential for all businesses and professionals. When people are considering hiring your services or buying your products, they will search the Web for information about you. Your site should be easy to find, easy to use, and easy on the eyes. The website influences the purchasing decision, so make the most of it.



  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Attorneys
  • Bankers
  • Construction firms
  • Consultants
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Insurance agencies
  • Real estate brokers and agents
  • Restaurants
  • Retailers




Good. Does it market you? Is the presentation tailored to communicate the value you bring to your clients and customers? The problem with individual pages on professional and business websites is that they consist of a photo, a description and a short bio. Worse, some resemble the pages on competitors’ websites. The solution are individual pages that communicate value and express individuality.



Web designers and a slew of Web marketers will tell you that your site needs to be optimized for SEO. Some firms guarantee that you will show up first in Google searches. What are they promising, and can they deliver? The short answers are not much and not likely. SEO is tech-talk for making your website pop up at the top of Web searches. The better the SEO, the higher the results.

Google and other search engines regularly rewrites the rules as some marketing companies bend them for their clients’ gain. We design sites and write the information so that it stands out in searches but Google and others do not penalize you for going overboard. A thought-out mix of content with a clean design and no underhanded marketing techniques provide the best long-term results.


Online bookstore built on Joomla with marketing videos, blog, integrated newsfeeds, store and advertising










Commercial realty site built on WordPress, featuring property listings and newsroom.













Consulting firm website built on WordPress with custom pages, newsroom and blog











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Ottolenghi Media in Palm Beach Gardens creates and executes customized media for businesses, life sciences firms and professionals in Palm Beach County and the Research Triange Park. The firm uses online and traditional marketing, public relations, and advertising campaigns to increase revenue and reduce costs.

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