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Younger audiences open to social commerce

If you’re offering goods and services to younger people, social commerce is important to your business. JWT, a marketing communications firm says that “there’s tremendous potential here for brands to create more personal, accessible experiences and to amplify word of mouth, especially when it comes to targeting Millennials.”

The firm has issued a report on how retailers and professionals are using social commerce to engage consumers. The study, conducted in May and June 2011, found that:

  • Millennials (20 to 33 years of age) are interested in shopping on Facebook, more so than Gen Xers (34-46) or Baby Boomers (47-66). The big reason: They already spend a lot of time there and it’s convenient. Think back to the days when kids hung out in malls.
  • To be accepted as a place to shop, Facebook needs to be considered safe. That means not only secured transactions, but limited sharing of personal information with third parties.
  • Buyers want a personalized experience, with Millennials (51%) more likely to say this than Gen Xers (36%) or Boomers (21%).

The study results can be found at on  Consider how they would apply to your business or profession. Is there an opportunity to create a new revenue stream by targeting younger people through social media?


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