Apple Watch: Why your grandkids won’t care for it

BY RAFAEL PERDOMO This analysis may serve no greater purpose than just a simple musing in trying to define what the Apple Watch is — or is not. It may cause more questions than give you answers. It may be completely off base and very telling of my beliefs towards technology. What it will definitely […]

PR-Prof: Taking your brand global is getting easier, but is it worth it?

A contributed article to Harvard Business Review’s blog says that it’s easier than ever for companies to go global. The Web has closed distances and influenced tastes on everything from Burberry raincoats to iPads. “In today’s digital age, people in faraway places can find your website, learn about your company, and have an experience with […]

Lots of Twitter followers? Check to make sure they are real

I was disturbed to read about the proliferation of social bots, software that fakes being a real person online. And that made me check my list of followers. You probably should, too. The New York Times reports that of the 500 million-plus Twitter accounts, “some researchers estimate that only 35 percent of the average Twitter […]

Scripted apologies don’t ring true, no matter how many lawyers and PR people write them

Tiger Woods. Lance Armstrong. Ryan Braun. We know what they have in common: scripted apologies to the public. Ryan Braun issued his last week and Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal brilliantly dissected it. “Almost all of these “apologies” are terrible, seemingly lawyered to the limit, muddied with vague language and half-truths,” Gay wrote. […]

CEO as newscaster, talking directly to target audiences: PR-Prof

Do companies still need to be on the 6 o’clock news? Two tech firms are delving further into the news business, creating an opportunity for any corporation to reach its audience. On July 16, Yahoo! released its earnings over the Web from a news studio at company headquarters. On July 22, Netflix’s CEO and CFO […]

Spokesperson responses you can use: an occasional PR-Prof series

Spokespersons play an important role in communicating with news media. They distribute official statements and deliver answers to reporter queries. Sometimes they don’t talk, usually at the direction of their bosses or their bosses’ bosses. As a public service to PR people, we will publish the better non-responses. Spokespersons should feel free to appropriate the […]

PR classics: The non-denial denial

During the Washington Post’s investigation of the Watergate break-in, members of the White House and CREEP would issue what the reporters and editors called non-denial denials. The officials would sometimes berate the Post for its articles but never deny any of the assertions in the article. The non-denial denial is not as popular today, but […]


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