5 Fun Ways to Volunteer and Help Your Community


Volunteering not only makes a person feel good about him or herself, but can also make an impact in the community. Giving back to the community may seem time consuming and expensive (who has time to donate when you’re still depending on your parents for money?), but volunteering can actually be a lot of fun and easy to do.

Instead of thinking that you need to dedicate hours and hours of your time or spend tons of money towards donations, a little can make a difference.

Here are five fun ways to volunteer:

Volunteer community garden

  1. If you’re an outdoorsy, nature person, then this is the perfect way to give back to your community. Not only are you helping your community, but also the environment!
  2. Volunteer animal shelterAnimal lovers can appreciate helping out at an animal shelter with tasks such as walking and playing with the animals, cleaning them, feeding them, and helping them to find a good home and family.
  3. Volunteer at a schoolSchools are always looking for volunteers to help with fun tasks and activities such as assisting the teachers, reading to children, or even monitoring the kids. Either way, you’ll help make an impact to the younger children around you.
  4. Volunteer tutoringIf you have the brains and smarts, consider sharing your knowledge to those around you. Many after school programs appreciate volunteers who take the time to teach and tutor students in subjects such as math, English, science, or a foreign language.
  5. Volunteer nursing homeThis can be one of the most fun ways to volunteer and give back to the elderly. The tasks can sometimes be to simply say hello, listen to stories, talk, read, etc. Even though they’re older, you can still learn a lot from your elders and have a lot of fun with it too.


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